Power Query M Version Control using GitHub

See a transparent history of changes to Power Query M functions by using GitHub.

Tony McGovern

5 minute read

There is currently no obvious version control process to see a history of changes made to Power Query M functions within Excel or Power BI. The Advanced Editor in the Power Query Editor has no built-in function to capture changes made to the query. In other words, it’s very difficult to roll back queries to earlier versions once they’re executed.

Power BI Dataflows

Power BI dataflows, a spectacular Power BI update

Tony McGovern

1 minute read

The November 2018 update of Power BI has been nothing short of spectacular. Among other things, this update introduces us to dataflows, one of the most anticpated features to come out in a while. In essence, dataflows allows us to perform complex data preparation steps within the Power BI cloud service. It’s now easier to build, standardize, and manage data preparation workflows across datasets stored on the service, all through the browser. In the coming months, dataflows will also let us…